I thought cheese and tomatoes
Tasted pretty good
Until I saw you
Eating them
With her.

Love Me With Your Lies

They say that people do stupid things
When they’re in love,
But I think
It’s the ones who are not in love
Who do the most reckless things.

Like letting the boy you met
Less than five minutes ago
Kiss you black and blue
Simply because you’re so starved
Of love.

Or like convincing yourself she means it
When she says
I love you,
Even though you can hear
The lie in every word.

Or like listening to promises
Of appreciation,
Of attention,
Of affection,
From lips that want nothing more
Than whats in between your legs,
Because you think it’s the only way
You’ll ever hear such things.

We may be fools in love,
But it’s nothing compared to
The foolishness of the unloved.